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January 14th (Th)
(Day of Pongal - marks the auspicious beginning of Uttarayan - sun's journey to wards the northern hemisphere.

February 1st (Tu)
Kripalu Yoga Classes.

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Vedic Yagya (Action that helps Progression)

The Curacao Vedic Foundation and Associates in India performs number of Vedic Yagyas of different class for different purposes. Please contact us for more details on our Vedic Yagyas program.

The Vedic philosophy connects the ailments or undesirable proceedings in our lives to Karma (action). The Karma is considered to be on account of our good and bad actions that affects our future. As we can't go to the past and fix our mistakes, the Vedic Yagya, according the Vedic resolutions, is the remedies to bypass the effect of negative Karmas.

Yagya’ are more effective if it is performed before the starting of unfavorable period.

Vedic Yagyas are performed by properly trained Vedic Pundits according to the Vedic tradition in India. Vedic Yagyas are performed by chanting Vedic mantras offerings; flowers, ghee and food through a fire, to the Devatas or creative impulses of natural law.

As astrology is to diagnose your problems and Yagya is to prevent or cure the problem. Our Vedic Yagya Program helps you doing Yagyas to solve your problems and to acquire help and nature support in your life.

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