The Danger of Speed

When it is time to live healthier, it should be about making sustainable changes. People often dive into a new diet and exercise program without thinking ahead. They fail to see how deprived they will feel when they toss out all their favourite foods. They may be willing to exercise for hours on end, but their body is not ready for it. Injuries can occur, and that alone may stop them in their tracks. The danger of speed when shifting gears to a healthier lifestyle is real.

Food is often more than just a way to keep the body running. Many people learned what they liked as children, so their eating habits can be ingrained. Deprived of many of their favourite foods, they may be severely disappointed when the scale shows little or no progress. Getting fit is about making changes that will put the numbers on the scale where they need to be and stay. This is just one more reason to make changes slowly. Eliminate one or two foods with low nutritional value at a time instead of all of them.

Exercise is an excellent way to get the body back into a healthier state, but doing too much too soon can lead to issues. Aching muscles after working out could be a sign of injury. This can stop a person from exercising for more than a week or two, and it can slow down their progress. Starting off with a routine that builds over time is usually a better way to get fit. It allows the body time to adjust to its new workload. The weight will come off, and there should be fewer interruptions for injuries.

Lifestyle changes can be difficult and even dangerous, so they should be done with thoughtful planning. Getting fit and healthy will take time. Doing it with a sustainable diet and exercise program will make it easier to reach the goals.